How to Take Your Fall Front Porch from Halloween to Thanksgiving

Pallet Pumpkins A tutorial for making your own set of these fun easy and inexpensive pumpkins for your front porch fall decoration

We’re on the final countdown to Halloween!  T-minus four days and counting – give or take.  Halloween costumes are ready, pumpkins are purchased and ready to carve, and we are narrowing down our options for Halloween activities (Pumpkin Plunge at the pool anyone?).  I’m kind of glad that Halloween falls on a Saturday this year – and that the forecast does not include rain!
I know that when Monday comes along I will be over Halloween and I will be more than ready to pack away the decorations and move along to the next holiday so I try to keep this in mind when I do my crafting and decorating to make the switch as easy and painless as possible.  I have a couple of not-so-secret ways to do this – want to hear them?

Halloween Witch Front Porch Decorations includes deco mesh wreath and swag pallet pumpkins wooden sign and witch broom

That was my Halloween front porch last year (or more likely the year before).  You’ve seen the Witch Wreath and Boo Swags (here) and the Wooden Home of the Wicked Witch sign (here) before.  My best and easiest trick is mounting one of those 3M Command Hooks on the door.  They are supposed to be removable without damaging anything (and they are) but that hook just lives on the door so I can easily switch out the wreath.

Fall front porch decor make the switch from Halloween to Thanksgiving

I made the fall wreath a couple of years ago during one of my neighborhood craft days.  It was my first attempt at the “curly” version of the deco mesh wreaths and I had a lot of fun putting it together.  I love the shiny gold and bronze mesh.  The only drawback was that it turned out HUGE.  It stands away from the door at least a foot and would reach out and grab your clothing or hair if you brushed up close to it.  But I think the size works really well for the scale of the front door and the house.

Happy Fall Y all Curly Deco Mesh Wreath in glitter Gold brown and bronze

Thankful Wooden Sign Rustic and easy to assemble sign for Thanksgiving and Halloween

If you’ve been reading my blog the last few weeks I’m sure you’ve clued into my second trick – double-sided crafts!  When I designed that wooden witch sign on the front porch I knew that I wanted to put a Thanksgiving quote on the back.  I did this for a couple of reasons.  1 – because holiday decorations can be big and bulky and take up a lot of storage space when not in use.  2 – because I liked the look of the wooden pieces on the back of the sign and wanted to highlight them.  And 3 – because it makes switching the decorations as easy as turning it from front to back (duh!).  Two seconds – instant transformation.
(I have the full tutorial for the double-sided wooden sign in an earlier post HERE if you want more details)

Double Sided Wooden Fall Sign for Halloween and Thanksgiving DIY Tutorial

Thankful Grateful Blessed Wooden Front Porch Sign for Thanksgiving Decorations

I don’t know if you noticed, but I also turned the pumpkins around so that the carved part was facing the wall.  We typically carve our pumpkins only a day or two before Halloween so as long as the teenagers in the neighborhood don’t go out pumpkin smashing, the pumpkins will stay looking decent for a couple of weeks.  Depends on the weather of course.

Pallet Pumpkins are a great addition to any Fall Halloween or Thanksgiving front porch decoration

The piece of my Halloween decor that didn’t require any maneuvering at all were my Pallet Pumpkins – aren’t they great?  Nice and rustic – and cheap to create!  (You can find my tutorial for the pallet pumpkins HERE)  Those stay out on the porch from September through Thanksgiving.

And as a finishing touch, the mailbox got a little swag of its own with deco mesh and ribbon left over from the wreath.

Fall Mailbox Swag using curly deco mesh and glitter ribbon in gold green and bronze

Easy as that!  I think the whole Halloween to Thanksgiving transformation took less than 10 minutes, and that includes hunting up the Fall wreath and putting away the Halloween ones.

Fall and Thanksgiving Front Porch Decor includes wooden pallet pumpkins deco mesh wreath and double sided wooden sign for Halloween and Thanksgiving

Quick Review – the keys points to making the switch from Halloween to Thanksgiving decor easy and painless are:
1.  Keep Command Hooks on the front door for wreaths and anywhere else you normally want to hang decorations.
2.  Double-sided decorations make the transformation as easy as turning your decor from one side to the other.
3.  Use items that are multi-purpose and can be used for more than one holiday.  For fall I use pumpkins, but the same concept would work well with lanterns, vases or urns, baskets and crates.
4.  Instead of decorating every surface, pick a few key spaces and decorate those every holiday.  You could decorate your front door and mailbox outside and maybe your mantle, entry console, and dining table for the interior.

How about you?  Do you switch out your Halloween decorations for Thanksgiving?  Or do you just let the Halloween stuff stay out until you’re ready to put out the Christmas lights? 😉

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Newborn Photo Prop Gift Basket

Baby photo props

It’s still Baby Season around here!

In my life pregnant friends and family don’t just happen one at a time they seem to come in bunches.  I’m not sure if  it feels that way because that is the season of life the majority of my friends are in or if it really does happen in packs.  A few years ago I think there were a total of six pregnant women just within a two block radius of my house – crazy right?  Well, the latest round of pregnancies is starting to transition to a slew of cute tiny little people.  Fun, fun!  (especially since I’m not the one experiencing the C-sections and dealing with the colic 😉  )

Photo Prop Gift Basket is a great idea for the proud parents of a new baby or as a baby shower gift

New babies are just so special we can’t help but want to spoil them, right?  The problem I run into is that while baby clothing is adorable and SO fun to buy, by the time the baby is born the new mom has had a baby shower or two and been on a couple of shopping sprees herself and the little one is likely to be able to wear a new outfit every day for its entire first month of life.  When it came time for one of my close friends to have her baby I had spent months hearing updates and seeing photos of all the baby gear she had found on sale or been given as gifts and I had no idea what to give someone who seemed to have it all.  Then it hit me – photo props!  Not only does she live across the country from me, but as a military family they don’t live in the same state as a lot of their family and friends and we are all going to want to see photos of that little cutie on social media, aren’t we?

Photo Prop Gift Basket for the new baby

Once I had the idea, it didn’t take long to pull together a fun photo prop gift basket (or at least gift box as I was shipping it).  I included a couple of sets of those fun stickers I keep seeing online – the ones that you attach to a onesie and take a photo to document their growth every month.  I found a set of those, plus a variation I hadn’t seen yet that included milestones like first tooth and my first Halloween.  I couldn’t decide between the two, so I got both!  I’m also a sucker for cute hats and hairbows in baby photos so I found a fun hat and booties set.  Then I put together a couple of other hairbows so she would have options.  She can simply take the existing bow off the hat and clip on a new one whenever she wants.  (I love this trick for headbands too)  Then when the baby has enough hair, the bows can be used on their own.

New Baby Photo Prop Gift Basket

I kept the items for the box fairly compact as I had to ship it all across country, but I could have easily added a lot more – like onesies in a variety of sizes to put the milestone stickers on.  Or a gorgeous super soft blanket to use as a photo backdrop.  A fun stuffed animal to use as a prop for size comparison as the baby grows would also be a good idea.  Or a set of countdown blocks (which I had already given my friend as part of a Pregancy Survival Kit when I found out she was pregnant).

Pregnancy and New Baby Countdown Blocks Photo Prop

Do you have any other photo prop suggestions to add?  Or a favorite new baby gift idea?  I need at least two more by Valentines Day 😉

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