Week in the Life 2017 – Wednesday’s Words and Photos

Week in the Life 2017 Photo documenting project AlaynasCreations

Week in the Life 2017 – Wednesday’s Words and Photos

This week I’ve been sharing my experience with Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life photo project for this year.  I spent last week keeping the camera (or more often the camera phone) nearby and trying to document the small moments that are often overlooked in regular life.

Kinda fun, right?

Today I’m sharing the Words and Photos from Wednesday

Week in the Life 2017 Wednesday's Words and Photos AlaynasCreations

Restless night meant I was more than ready to get up and be productive so I baked muffins for the kids at 6:15AM. (First Instagram post of the day)

Breakfast Wednesday Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

Sam headed off to the base instead of his regular job in order to get ready to head overseas next week.  First day in uniform with his new promotion but in too much of a hurry to stop for a photo or wait for muffins.

Kaitlyn, however, was more than happy to have something home made for breakfast.

Easy Pumpkin Muffins Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

One of my favorite ways to make muffins uses cake mix (today’s was yellow cake mix) and a can of pumpkin.  Just two ingredients so it’s super easy and the pumpkin makes it healthier than most.  Tyler prefers it with chocolate cake mix and ate only one muffin but Kaitlyn said she likes it better this way.

Headed to school Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

7AM means she’s out the door (and not exactly pleased that I told her to pause for a photo).

Military dress up day Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

This boy has such a great teacher. In order to solidify a concept she asked them to wear something at least vaguely military today. Good thing we have no problem pulling that together at the last minute. Tyler was excited to wear his dad’s hat (or, er, his “cover”).

Today was a day for just going with the flow.  Original plan had been volunteering in Ty’s class then heading to the city to get my Easter shopping done.  However, last night I agreed to go into work in the afternoon as Cha Cha was excited to start some of the organizing we had discussed earlier that day.

Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

Typically on Wednesdays I spend my time after Tyler leaves getting myself ready and off to the school for my standing date volunteering in Tyler’s classroom.  This morning though I got a text saying they had a few extras added to their day at school and I wouldn’t be needed today.  So I decided to take a bit more time with the morning routine and read in the tub for a while.

A quick snack Week in the LIfe 2017 Alaynas Creations

Work was then bumped from 1:00 until 2:00 so it’s a very good thing Sam had already planned to pick Kaitlyn up from swim team practice on his way home from work so I was able to stay a bit longer.  We worked on organizing computer files the entire time.

Command Center Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

As you can see it was another day with fewer photos than I would normally take during a Week in the Life project.  I guess that’s just how it goes sometimes.  Life feels a bit TOO ordinary or I forget or I’m too tired.  So I wrapped it up for Wednesday with a view of what I am beginning to think of as my “command center.”  This end table between the couch and the chair I typically use when on the computer or watching TV is always covered with a random collection of notebooks, calendars and books and whatever needs my attention at the time, like the spelling bee word list for Tyler and the clipboard I’m using to take notes for Week in the Life.

At this point I did go on a search for more inspiration for Week in the Life and as you will see tomorrow, my enthusiasm (and photo count) did go up a few notches for the rest of the week.

I’ll be back tomorrow!  Feel free to share your Week in the Life experiences or take a look at some of my other photos for the week.

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