Week in the Life 2017 – Friday’s Words and Photos

Week in the Life 2017 Photo documenting project AlaynasCreations

Week in the Life 2017 – Friday’s Words and Photos

Fri-day! Fri-day!  Fri-day!

One of my favorite days of the week, even when we have no plans for the weekend and I know that entertaining everyone may be more work than I usually do on a weekday.  There’s just something about Fridays that make me happy.

So without further ado…

Friday’s Words and Photos

(for Week in the Life, which I spent last week documenting and am spending this week pulling it together here on the blog.  Photos in today’s post were taken Friday, April 14, 2017)


Friday Week in the Life 2017 the pup is ready for a walk Alaynas Creations

7:45 AM

“You put on workout clothes. Are we going for a walk?!!” Actually I’m surprised she sat still long enough for a photo. She can hardly contain her excitement if I come out of my room wearing yoga pants or gym shoes. Most of the time I’m simply headed to the gym but today she is right. We are headed out for a walk as soon as the boy gets on the bus.

Breakfast and dishes Friday Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

7:15 AM

Dishes and straightening up the kitchen while the little guy eats breakfast and packs lunch.  More to clean up than usual since I didn’t take the time for dishes yesterday and the other adults in the house don’t often do so.

Ready for a walk Friday Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

8:15 AM

Doesn’t she look happy?  Off to pick up my friend for our walk.

Sandhill cranes and horses the view from our walk Friday Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

8:45 AM

Sandhill cranes, horses, cows, and lots of clouds on our walk this morning. Love that I can get out with a friend once in a while and enjoy being outside while also making the dog amazingly happy.

My helper prepping Easter Baskets Friday Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

10:00 AM

Biggest thing on the list today was Easter prep. As you can see, I had plenty of help.

Friday Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

Eventually she did relax and let me finish the Easter baskets and start working on teacher appreciation.

Home from school and work Friday Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

2:00 PM

Friday is early out day, including Sam this time around.  Bambi has to greet everyone and get some attention before the rest of us can sit down and talk to each other about our days.

Decisions decisions Friday Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

4:00 PM

I’m all out of dinner ideas (and supplies) for the week.  Surprisingly, Tyler had a dinner suggestion that didn’t involve pizza (he requests pizza at least twice a week) so I took him with me to the grocery store.  We picked up tortellini and garlic bread then I let him help select some ice cream for dessert.
Red Button is the BEST ice cream.  Tyler chose Cookies and Cream and I grabbed Raspberry Ripple Chocolate Chip (since they were on 2 for ___).

Dinner Prep Friday Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

4:30 PM

Dinner prep and time to unload the dishwasher.  Yes, we typically do eat early, usually around 5:00.

Ice cream Friday Week in the Life 2017 Akaynas Creations

7:00 PM (ish)

Ice cream and TV time.  And how great that the sun is setting later in the day.

Screen time Friday Week in the life 2017 Alaynas Creations


Ah, Week in the Life.

I’ve been enjoying the time spent over the last few days pulling all the photos and journaling together.  I’ve even managed to order photo prints so I can start putting the album together soon.

Every year is a learning experience.  I see the kids growing and changing.  I see routines that feel like they have been the same forever actually evolve and change.  I see mannerisms and habits that seem so familiar right now that will only be memories in a few years.

Every year I don’t capture everything I could, but I do get plenty of little glimpses.


Want more details on the project?  Check out Ali Edward’s blog and the WITL community.

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Two more days to document!  Please check back tomorrow!


  1. Lucie | 22nd Apr 17

    Loving your photos and your writing. Looking forward to seeing the next day! x

    • alaynascreations@hotmail.com | 23rd Apr 17

      Thanks! It’s been a fun project this year. And I’m surprising myself by consistantly blogging about it this week. I just finished up Saturday’s post 😉

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