Week in the Life 2017 – Thursday’s Words and Photos

Week in the Life 2017 Photo documenting project AlaynasCreations

Week in the Life 2017 – Thursday’s Words and Photos

Halfway through documenting Week in the Life at this point – taking photos of all kinds of things I don’t spend much time documenting in daily life.  I’ve done this project a few times before and usually at this point I’m starting to lose a little enthusiasm and taking fewer photos.  This year has been the opposite.  It took me a few days to really warm up to the project and the second half of the week I was more prolific with the photos – even while out running errands, which is how I spent a good part of my day Thursday.

*I spent last week taking the photos so this week is dedicated to pulling them together in a series of blog posts.  These photos were taken Thursday, April 13 – before Easter, in case you were wondering 😉

(Want more info or to join in the project?  Check out Ali Edwards’ blog and the Week in the Life Community)

Thursday’s Words and Photos:

Thursday Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

6:30 AM

Surprised to find Tyler was up and dressed already.  Instant Breakfast is his breakfast of choice lately.  Sam skips breakfast but it looks like he did make a cup of coffee to take on the drive to work.

First Day in the new uniform Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

Guess who got promoted! First day with the new stripes (ok 2nd, as he wouldn’t stop for a photo yesterday) since he has to be at the base a few days this week. Pretty sure he is enjoying the break from his regular job.

Breakfast Thursday Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

Sometimes I skip the oatmeal and go for the kids’ cereal.

Shopping Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

Everyone off to school/work and I FINALLY have a clear morning where all I have to worry about it my own agenda so I’m off to the city to do my Easter shopping.  Usually I’m ready for holidays much further ahead than this and I wasn’t exactly happy about that.  I’m feeling pretty upbeat today and I think knowing I can check this off my list has a lot to do with my mood.

Errands are part of everyday life Thursday Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

On the list:

Easter candy, random items for baskets, a scooter for Tyler, rollerblades for Kaitlyn.  Ordering online probably would have been the better option for the larger items but I didn’t decide on them far enough ahead of time.  So I had to do a little extra running around.
Target first (of course!) where I didn’t purchase much but enjoyed looking around.  Shopko, then Big 5 where I stopped to call Sam for help making the final decision on scooters.  Opted to buy rollerblades for Kate there (in a size that fits me!  She’s growing up way too fast) then back-trackted to Target to get the scooter I had spotted earlier.

Lunch at Chipotle and the fiew on the drive up the canyon Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

I grabbed lunch from Chipolte and ate it in the car while listening to the 5 Love Languages before heading back up the canyon.
I completed the rest of my errands in Park City with a trip to Michael’s (where I only purchased weights for the Tyler’s Pinewood Derby car – can you believe that?!) and TJ Maxx.

Groceries and slushies Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

The last stop was Smith’s for dishwasher soap – and I walked out with all that!

It had been a beautiful day, warmer than any we’ve had so far this spring.  Thus the slushie impulse buy.

Spring Flowers Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations


I do Marathons on Netflix custom water bottle

1:50 PM

Made it home, unloaded the car, and had just enough time to add a fun vinyl saying to the water bottle I picked up for the friend I’ve been meeting at the gym.  She never remembers to bring her water bottle and they had only ONE left in one of my favorite styles at TJ Maxx.  I also gave her a bag of her favorite Easter candy that she mentioned a few days ago that she hadn’t been able to find.  She was pretty happy.

My dedicated little swimmer Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

2:30 PM

I had warned Kaitlyn that I would be taking a few “better” photos during the first part of practice but when I actually showed up to do so I think she was a little embarrassed.  I ended up rushing through it and not getting the great shots I had hoped for.

Oh well.  She’s at the pool all the time.  I’ll try it again another time.

Swim team butterfly Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations


Work out.  Home.  Homework check for Tyler.  Dinner.  Sunset.  Call it good for the day.

Sunset on the Farm Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

And that’s it for Thursday.  Tune in tomorrow for Friday’s Words and Photos for Week in the Life 2017.

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