Week in the Life 2017 – Saturday’s Words and Photos

Week in the Life 2017 Photo documenting project AlaynasCreations

Week in the Life 2017 – Saturday’s Words and Photos

Getting close to the end of this year’s Week in the Life photo project, documenting the small or routine things in daily life.  Saturday happened to be one of the more eventful days of the week – in it’s own ordinary, familiar way.

(Interested in the Week in the Life concept?  You can find out more on Ali Edwards’ blog)

Family fun at the park Saturday Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

Our Saturday

With everyone home on weekends, we usually devote at least a portion of our days to family time.  My original plan was to do something new and hike to some hot springs I recently heard about.  But it was a restless night with Sam getting a migraine at 3AM.  Eventually he did fall asleep again and the migraine backed off but the thought of a hike no longer appealed to him.

Saturday morning starts out slowly Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creaitons

We usually allow ourselves and the kids a slow start on the weekends, letting them stay in bed until 8:30 if they’re still sleeping and taking our time with breakfast and getting dressed for the day.

Sam had errands he wanted to run in the city so I gave in (really was NOT feeling like dragging the kids all over that day) and we headed out.

Saturday lunch out Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

10:30 AM (ish)

First stop was Best Buy for a power adaptor then lunch at Zupa’s, one of the few restaurants where everyone in the family can find something they like.  Tyler had asked to try the chocoloate mousse cake and Sam told him we would think about it if he ate his lunch without reminders.  That isn’t always a motivator for him, but today our picky eater ate his entire grilled cheese without any problem so he got the cake.  And uncomplainingly shared it with his sister.

Family fun at the park Saturday Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

Park Time

I had spotted running shoes at good prices while out shopping earlier in the week so our next stop was taking Kaitlyn to try some on (for the upcoming 10K she is running with Sam).  She didn’t love anything at either place so it was on to the Verizon store.  The kids and I wandered down to Home Goods while Sam went into Verizon (where he didn’t really have any luck getting questions answered).

Wanting to keep Tyler happy and figuring it was a good break from the errands, we took the kids to one of the newer parks Sam had run across while out and about for work.  Great park, with plenty of things to handle the bigger crowd on a warm spring Saturday.  Tyler had a lot of fun running around.

My girl Saturday Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

Kaitlyn is getting too old for that kind of thing.  She tried out that spinning thing with her dad and she and I did some swinging on the hammock thing, but most of the time she just hung out with me and visited.

Weekend errands at Costco Saturday Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

Shopping and Errands

We decided an hour was long enough at the park and headed off to Costco.  I always try to avoid shopping on Saturdays and Costco is one of the worst places for Saturday crowds.  But Sam wanted to stock up on protein bars and drinks for his long plane ride (flying military cargo or whatever so they if they want to eat they have to pack it).

About half-way through Costco, while stopped at a sample stand, I spotted a rash on Tyler’s arm.  We were surprised and disturbed to see it covering both of his lower arms.  Seeing that it stopped abruptly where his sleeves started, I made the assumption that it was some kind of allergic reaction from something he touched, probably at the park.  I left Sam and Kaitlyn to check out and Tyler and I headed into the bathroom to wash his arms repeatedly.  Thank goodness for family bathrooms so I could help him with that.

Costco churros for the win Saturday Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

We found Kaitlyn and Sam waiting for us, churros in hand.  Nice surprise.
I had Benadryl in the car.  It’s not the first time I’ve been happy to have my little Just in Case kit in the car.  Though getting a giant bottle of Benadryl wouldn’t have been hard to do at Costco.

The drive home Saturday errands Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

At that point we figured it was time to head up the canyon, taking a pic of the road sign we had been seeing often on the freeway all day.  For some reason we all found the message “Some bunny loves you drive focused” amusing or at least interesting.

We stopped at Park City for another stab at finding running shoes.  Options found but Kate was not in love with any of them at Famous Footwear.  After trying on many pairs we found a winner at New Balance.  Tyler had quickly found a pair he liked, which worked out nicely for the Buy One Get One 50% off deal.  (Can’t resist those right?)

At some point during the drive we had figured out the rest of our plan for the weekend and Easter so our final stop before heading home was the grocery store.

Tyler finally gave in to the Benadryl and fell asleep on the way home.

Dying Easter Eggs Saturday Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations


Once home everyone helped unload the car and put everything away.  Tyler fell back to sleep on the couch downstairs, promising to wake up for dinner in half an hour.
Sam, Kaitlyn and I prepped DIY pizzas.  Pepperoni and cheese for Kaitlyn.  Pesto chicken with gouda for Sam and myself.  Just cheese for Tyler.

I had a very hard time getting Tyler to wake up and come upstairs, but I didn’t want him falling asleep so early and not sleeping through the night.  Eventually he did get up, but wouldn’t eat.

It wasn’t until dinner was put away and we had the eggs and dye all set up that he perked up enough to participate.

Easter egg decorating Saturday Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

Easter Egg Decorating

Tyler and Kate both took their time doing something different to each egg and experimenting with various methods and techniques.  This might be the first year I wasn’t stressed about one spilling something or needing extra help and could just sit back and take photos.  (One of the few times I pulled out the big camera during Week in the Life.)

Easter egg decorating Saturday Weke in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

The rash had faded some but was far from going away.  *sigh*  Thank goodness it didn’t itch or bother him – just looked nasty.

Decorating Easter Eggs Saturday Week in the Life 2017 Alaynas Creations

Lots of photos of the egg decorating (ruthlessly editing them here – be glad!) then I set aside the camera for the rest of the night.  Long day.  Everyone is tired, mostly in a good way (poor Ty).


Thoughts from today

Saturday, more than the rest of the days this week, has me introspective as I look back at it.  Lots of lessons there.

-We did a good job of making the Have Tos fun.
-Gracefully changing plans last minute (something I’m not always good at).
-Dealing with whatever comes our way as best we can.  It’s what we have to do.
-Kids value traditions, even when I think they may be getting too old for them.

Kaitlyn was surprised when I mentioned that I really had not wanted to spend the day shopping.  She thought the whole day had been fun.  And it had.  I love this little family of mine and being together is good no matter what we’re doing.

I think I am personally, however, struggling with a need to change how we do things a bit.  Maybe to free up some of the roles I’ve been filling exclusively as the mom.  Especially in regards to responsibilies for making plans and coming up with ideas for entertainment.  My desire to play “cruise director” is at low ebb right now.



One more day in the books!  And one more day to finish documenting for this year’s Week in the Life project.  Check back tomorrow!

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