Awesome DIY Shirts – A Gift Idea for the Entire Family

Awesome DIY Tshirts a gift idea for the entire family

Awesome DIY Shirts – a Gift Idea for the Entire Family

It’s that time of year again.  I’m sure we’re all “making a list” and checking it 100 times, trying to come up with great (and affordable) gift ideas for family and friends.  Sometimes the gift ideas come easily, sometimes it’s really really hard.

When the gift giving ideas really aren’t flowing, I try to come up with a theme – like books, movies, cooking, games, etc.  Last year, my husband’s family decided to do funny T-shirts for their sibling exchange and I thought “great!  Let’s do that for the nieces and nephews too!”  So I did.  Since I try not to share any gifts online before said gift is given – that means I get to share them this year.  😉

On my husband’s side of the family, we currently have two nieces and three nephews, ranging in age from early 20s to preschool.  Tough to coordinate something that works for all ages, but that’s the beauty of personalized shirts.  You can buy a plain shirt in any size or color that you need.  And after doing a quick Pinterest search of funny sayings, I quickly found that I could come up with a fun saying for each of them that incorporated the word “awesome.”

Take a look at the Awesome DIY shirts:

For our oldest niece.

Don't Tell me I'm Awesome Tshirt DIY shirt gift idea for teensFor the nephews.

Awesome Runs in my family DIY shirt Christmas gift

Awesome like Batman DIY Tshirt gift idea for boysFor the (Batman obsessed) youngest nephew.

Concentrateed Awesome Tshirt DIY gift idea for kids
And for the youngest niece.

Awesome DIY shirts for the whole family

The instructions:

Cute right?  And easy, I promise.  I don’t have a step-by-step tutorial for you, but I will tell you that I used my handy dandy Silhouette machine to cut out the lettering from iron-on vinyl.  I love how you can cut any font on your computer with the Silhouette, even dingbats.  And you can easily convert clipart you find online – that’s what I did with the Batman symbol.

Since I was on a roll, I also did a onesie for my sister’s daughter.  My sister was pregnant at the time  (obviously).
Only Child Expiring DIY Onesie gift idea for older sibling or baby shower

And finally, a shirt for my father-in-law.
I'll fix that for you DIY Tshirt gift idea for the guy in your life
Probably should have made that one for my husband too.  Any excuse to buy more tools… 😉

It only took an hour or two to put them all together.  Eight gifts in under two hours – one of the easier projects I’ve tackled, for sure! 😉

Well, I have errands and possibly more Christmas shopping on the agenda today.  I’d better get off the computer and shower so I can get everything done.  I’m hoping to devote the rest of the week to working on the remodel (it’s come a long way since the Before Photos of our DIY Remodel I posted the other day!).  Here’s to a busy final week of November.

And, of course, if you do make your own personalized Tshirts I’d love to see them!

A few more easy gift ideas using the Silhouette:
Christmas gifts for Classmates and Teachers
Bunco Water Bottle (White Elephant Gift)

And for more in-the-minute progress on Christmas prep, house remodel progress and all of the upcoming holiday fun, be sure to follow me on Instagram.


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