Rainbow Ruffled Plastic Tablecloth Tutorial

A quick glance at the stats on my old blog this morning showed that my tutorial for the ruffled plastic tablecloth I used at my daughter’s birthday party a couple of years ago is getting the highest views this week.  Must be a sign that I need to get it reposted on the new blog, right?  I do love that ruffled tablecloth.  I made it for the birthday party but held on to it afterward and used it for quite a few other events, including a Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony.  And the best part is that is was really simple (if a bit time-consuming) and under $10 to make.  Actually, I had enough supplies left over I probably could have made a second one!
 Ruffled Plastic Tablecloth Tutorial Rainbow
Today’s Topic:  Ruffled Table Skirt

It’s pretty much just plastic tablecloths and some masking tape – isn’t that cool?!  I found the original idea on pinterest (link here) then made it my own to go with our rainbow theme.  It’s a fairly easy concept actually.

Step 1:  cut your plastic tablecloths into strips.  Mine were 8″ high.  And I used 6 of the – one for each color of the rainbow.
Tip:  they are pretty easy to cut if you keep them folded up right out of the package.

I also had a strip about 24″ high that I used as the base for the tablecloth.  Once I had all the pieces cut I grabbed the roll of tape (1 1/2″ painters masking tape, since I had a ton of that left over from our pantry project) and got to work on the ruffles.  The ruffles are pretty easy – just scrunch the top of the fabric, taping it down as you go along.

I started with the bottom ruffle, then repeated the technique with each color, working my way up to the top and being sure to overlap the one underneath by a couple of inches so the tape didn’t show.

Then it was just a matter of taping the whole thing onto the top edge of the table.

And covering up any of the uglies with another tablecloth.  In this case I used a white cloth tablecloth folded in half, but you could use another plastic one if you wanted to.

As my 5 year old likes to say – Easy Peasy!  And such a great statement piece for the buffet table at the party!

Tutorial Ruffled Rainbow Tablecloth Plastic DIY
Rainbow Ruffled Plastic Tablecloth Birthday
If you try this, please let me know.  I’d love to see your version!
Want to see more details about the Rainbow Dance Party?  It has it’s own blog post HERE.

Teacher Appreciation: Countdown to Summer/Back to School

I’ve been working on quite a few smaller projects lately.  Since most of my creative time is spent working on orders for the Etsy shop and most of my project time is spent dealing with giant organizing/spring tasks, it’s been nice to work on something new.  I have a whole list of things I want to share with you and with Teacher Apprecition Week/Day fast approaching (It’s the week of May 4-8th this year.  I looked it up!), I figured that would be a good place to start.


My children and I have been very lucky to have a lot of great teachers so far, and this year I am particulary happy with my children’s teachers and how helpful they have been with the kids’ transition to the new schools.  I know teacher appreciation gifts aren’t a requirement, but I’m always happy to have an excuse brighten someone’s day, especially ones that go out of their way for my children.  This year I decided to go with my signature countdown blocks to use as Teacher Appreciation gifts.  I do these blocks for all sorts of occasions (pregnancy, holiday, vacation, etc).  I have given them as teacher gifts in the past and they are always well received – everyone loves a good countdown.  The blocks have numbers on all the sides and you just rotate them from side to side to show the correct number of days left as you count down.

Countdown Blocks Teacher Appreciation Back to SchoolTeacher Appreciation Days Til Summer CountdownThe base block is double-sided for even more countdown fun.  In May, the teachers can use the blocks to count down until the end of the school year.  And in the fall the base block can be flipped to the other side, which reads “days ’til school” and they can countdown to the beginning of the next school year.  (I’m tricky like that – always trying to find another way to get a little more use out of my crafts)

Teacher Appreciation Countdown to School Blocks

I’m still working on a cute saying to put on the tag or card.  Maybe something like ‘I can always count on you teacher!”  ?? (If you have a better pun, please share!)

Now I can happily pat myself on the back for being ahead of the game and not rushing to find a last minute teacher appreciation idea.  If only I knew what to do about Mother’s day…

I’m curious though – what’s your favorite teacher appreciation gift idea?  And also, do you do teacher appreciation gifts for just the teachers of the younger children or do you carry it on once they get to high school?

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April is Here! Did you get fooled?

April First.  I’m not sure where the concept originated (and I’m not curious enough to Google it) but an entire day devoted to tricks and playing pranks on people is…not entirely my cup of tea.  I’m not a prankster.  At.  All.  But I do think there is something to be said for getting out of the normal routine and adding some fun and laughter into life, even if it involves some (harmless!) trickery.  And frankly, when I helped the kids “leprechaun prank” my brother on St. Patrick’s day and then he retaliated by covering their room in a maze of crepe paper and silly string, it made for a really fun day – a day my kids will remember for quite a while.  Can’t pass up another opportunity for that, now can we?  Besides, the kids already talking their grandma into buying them silly string 😉 I will leave most of the April Fooling to the kids and my brother, content to play assistant to their plans as needed.  But running across all those crazy “April Fools Pranks for you kids” type posts on Pinterest the last couple of weeks did put me in the mood to do a little something.  So I pranked their lunchboxes. Last night, with my little guy in tow after a quick round of team soccer photos, we made a last minute stop at the grocery store.  I headed down the candy and cracker isle and let my son pick out a few treats for himself and his sister (is it more diabolical if they unwittingly participate in the trick?).  I tried to direct him in the process to ones with packaging I could easily open and reseal, like those great movie theater-style boxes of candy.  Then after putting the kids to bed, I drug the husband into the kitchen and instructed him to start opening the boxes (carefully! and from the bottom) while I pulled out the healthier food.  Each of the treat containers got an “April Fools!” note and a new item of food, then were resealed with double stick tape (worked perfectly!). IMG_3397 When the kids open up their lunches, they will find this.IMG_3398 When what they really get for lunch is this IMG_3395AI kind of wish I were there to see the looks on their faces.  But I’m sure I will hear all about it when they get home – which will be soon!  Oh wait – I think I just heard my son walk in the door.  I will let you know how the rest of the pranking unfolded later. Happy April Fools!  And as a quote I ran across this morning said – I hope it is filled with laugher and fun. I’d love to hear your favorite trick or plans for today.  I can always use more ideas for next year…


Hello!  Welcome to the new blog format! I will be slowly adding more to it as I go, as well as transferring a lot of the post from the old blog when I get the chance.