How to Make Your Own Spring Tulip Wreath

Make Your Own Spring Tulip Wreath

How to Make Your Own Spring Tulip Wreath

Spring is on its way (I hope, I hope, I hope) and what better way to get in the mood than by making your very own Spring Tulip Wreath?

I posted this tutorial last year right after I make this quick and easy wreath for my Mom, but the post seems to have been lost when switching blog hosts. ¬†Just in case it looks familiar too anyone ūüėČ

Tutorial for Spring Tulip Wreath

Making decorative items for spring is one of my favorite things to do.  There are just so many options and color combinations and ideas.   I have a soft spot for wreaths, so when my Mom asked me to put together a wreath for her similar to one she has spotted at Pier One, I was happy to accept the challenge.

Materials needed to make your own Tulip Wreath – a wreath base (grapevine in this case) and a while stack of silk flowers.

Want to know my favorite place to buy afforadable silk flowers? ¬†The dollar store. ¬†You can’t guarantee the selection, but often I get lucky and find some great options.

Spring Tulipe Wreath altered dollar store silk flowers

In this case, I picked up the flowers shortly after Valentines Day so they still had a selection of roses as well as other spring flowers.  I noticed that a lot of the roses were kind of tulip-looking and when I was only able to find a few bunches of tulips I decided to improvise.

It is a pretty simple to turn a silk rose into a pretty good imitation of a tulip.  I just remove a few of the petals, dicard the leaves, and cut the plastic around the base of the flower into a more compact rounded shape.

Tutorial How to Make a Spring Tulip Wreath like Pier One for Under $20

Once I had a nice stack of flowers with their stems trimmed to only a few inches long, out came the trusty glue gun.  I started glueing the flowers onto the grapevine wreath base, all facing the same direction and alternating colors and styles of flowers as I went.  I also added a few sprigs of silk grass here and there to give the wreath a little more texture.

How to Make your Own Spring Tulip Wreath AlaynasCreations

In under an hour and with less than $20 invested in materials…

Making your own Spring Tulip Wreath is easy and inexpensive using this tutorial


I’ve said it before (and will probably say it a hundred times again): ¬†making something pretty does not have to be hard or expensive. ¬†A little time, a little creativity, and a few tips along the way and you can make something beautiful.

I would love to hear about your favorite wreaths or other ideas for spring decorations.  Please feel free to share!

Or maybe you would like to check out some of my other DIY home decor projects like my 5 Minute Floral Arrangements, or Window Box Wall Decor.


Let’s go create something great, shall we?


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5 Minute Floral Arrangements

DIY 5 Minute Floral Arrangement

5 Minute Floral Arrangements

Add a little life to your home decor quickly, easily, and inexpensively by making your own 5 minute floral arrangements.

Quick and Easy Floral Arrangements

When we can’t find any signs of spring outside yet, it’s ok to fake it right?

Besides, I’m not the best at keeping house plants alive. (Tell me I’m not the only one!) I can force a bulb or two (check out my current amaryllis “race” on Instagram) but if someone gives me a ficus, that poor thing is bound to die of neglect a few months down the road. ¬†In fact, I’ve been known to purposely kill a plant or two when I got sick of watering them. ¬†Give me automatic sprinklers any day.

When I want to add a little color or greenery to my home decor, I almost always go for the stuff I can buy at the craft store.

Containers for 5 Minute Floral Arrangements

Aren’t those containers cute?

It’s my turn to host to host Bunco in March and my mom has been itching to have some girl time out shopping together so last weekend we headed out to find some Bunco prizes at a couple of my favorite places for home decor inspiration. ¬†Not only did we come home with a few things for the Bunco ladies, I couldn’t help but get inspired to make some quick floral arrangements for myself.

Tiny Teacup

I particularly fell in love with this tiny teacup with the ruffled saucer.

Add succulents to your home

And these succulents.  Super realistic looking right?

Succulents in home decor are everywhere the last couple of years and I have yet to hop on the band wagon.  Figured this was as good a chance as any.

5 Minute DIY Tiny Teacup Succulent Planter

Tiny teacup + succulent = perfection.

And so simple too!

Just 4 steps to Make Your Own 5 Minute Floral Arrangements

Need a tutorial? ¬†Naw, probably not, but I was in the mood to put together a quick infographic for you anyway. ¬†ūüėČ

Make your own 5 Minute Floral Arrangement in Just 4 Steps

  1.  find a container
  2. add floral foam (I like to use the kind you can add water to, not the styrofoam blocks). ¬†If you cut it to fit snugly in the container there is no need to glue it in. ¬†I love that. ¬†In case I’m ever in the mood to change out the arrangement or use the container without the arrangement, I can just slide the foam out again.Make Your Own Tiny Teacup Planter
  3. cover foam with moss.  I do use the hot glue gun on this step to attach the moss to the foam.  Cuts down on mess later and keeps it in place so you never see the foam.DIY Tiny Teacup Planter
  4. add your floral stems

Succulent in a Tiny Teacup

See?  Cute and easy (my Big Two when it comes to crafting!)  In less than 5 mintues I had this adorable floral arrangement.


Teacup Succulent

I had plenty of the succulent left to work with, so I used it again in a second container.  Same process as the teacup.

5 Minute Floral Arrangement Container


Moss is a great way to hide the mechanics of a floral arrangement

Foam and moss.

5 Minute Floral Arrangement with Succulents

Succulent floral stem.

Make Your Own Succulent Planter

Less than 5 minutes people – have I mentioned that?!?

And to change it up.  I added flowers to the little blue flower pot.

Easy and Inexpensive Floral Home Decor

In under half an hour I had almost half a dozen floral arrangements (that’s right – I haven’t shown a couple of them to you yet. ¬†Stay tuned!). ¬†It seriously took me longer to photograph everything than to put together the 5 minute floral arrangements. ¬†Probably spent less than $20 on all of them too.

White Spring Flowers in Small Turquoise Pot

Do I have you convinced?  You totally need to make one too, right?!

Well, go do that and report back. ¬†I’d love to see your takes on this simple and inexpensive project.


Let’s go create something great.


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My Husband Has Too Many Hobbies

What’s on my Craft Table? A Look at Everyday Life

You can tell a lot about a person by what they carry on their purse or their car, right? ¬†Well, it occurred to me the other day that if you want to know what’s going on in my life all you have to do is take a look at my craft table.

Whats on my craft table June 24

It’s a mess, isn’t it? ¬†Sadly, that’s how it looks most of the time – with or without craft projects in process. ¬†My craft table tends to be a dumping spot for myself, the kids, and the husband. ¬†*sigh*

So what do we see on the craft table? ¬†Next to the computer is the ever-present stack of paperwork, calendar, and notebooks stuffed with To Do Lists and notes to myself. ¬†This is how I function – if I need something out of my head I have to write it down. ¬†And I always need to get things out of my head – it’s a very very busy place in there!


Inside that envelope on the corner can be found Рrodeo tickets!  Going to our hometown rodeo is a big part of our traditions for the 4th of July holiday Рone the kids and I look forward to for different reasons.  I love the excitement and the showmanship Рand all the heart pumping 10 second music clips they play constantly.  The kids love the animals, the fireworks, and the fact that they get spoiled and are never lacking for cotton candy or other treats as we watch the show.  We had to settle for tickets on the 1st instead of the 3rd because I waited too long to pick some up.

Swimming Subway Art Wall Hanging

These little beauties have taken up residence here for a few weeks now. ¬†They started out as a project/presentation Kaitlyn had to do for school but are now waiting on Sam to take them down to the shop to route some keyholes in the back so they can be hung on the wall. ¬†The swimming theme subway art was all Kaitlyn’s idea and put together mostly by her (so funny so see my mini-me in action on stuff like this) and turned out really cute. ¬†She intends to give them to her swim coaches at the end of the season. ¬†And I intend to show them off in another blog post here soon ūüėČ
…there. ¬†I put them in one of my Work in Progress boxes under the table as that’s really too long for there to be sitting out for no purpose.


The random coins on the table are for a Brag Tag the kids were working on for the Unplugged Program they are participating in this summer.  One of the tasks was to collect 5 different coins containing the year they were born.  We tried to collect the tag the other day, but it was a Saturday and they had closed early so here the coins sit until the next chance we get to pick up tags.
That stack of papers next to the coins is a handful of reading programs sent home from school and the library list of weekly activities.  These kids have no chance of being bored this summer.


Life jackets so we can use the paddleboard Sam got for Father’s Day! ¬†Yes, they need homes but the garage is a disaster area right now. ¬†Add it too the list.


And last but not least – the gel nails kit still in it’s box. ¬†It has been sitting there waiting for me to take the time to try it out for a couple of weeks now – which I’m excited to do. ¬†It’s just…well when I have the time to do that I’m too tired to want to sit down and figure it out. ¬†But I will soon! ¬†I got an up close and personal look at my feet the other night at yoge and I really need a pedicure. ¬†ūüėČ
What does your everyday life look like? ¬†Have you thought about documenting it lately? ¬†I’d love to hear about it.